John Darko on the Blue Moon award winning Antipodes DS Reference Music Server

"In the space of three months, Antipodes’ entry-level music server turned everything I’ve hitherto experienced with digital transports upside down in a good way."


Andy Fawcett on the Audiophilia Star Component Antipodes Reference Audio Cables

"One thing I do know – when the final shortlist is compiled of cables that are sufficiently ambitious, innovative and inspired to genuinely be the finest in the world, the Antipodes References must be on it."


Gary Pearce on awarding 5 Stars to the Antipodes DS Music Server

"Antipodes have created a fabulous-sounding, easy to set up and control product. I reckon most could have it up and running within a matter of minutes or so."


Anthony Kershaw - Editor of Audiophilia

"Antipodes’ cables and servers have been reviewed by four Audiophilia writers, each with, let’s say, utterly different tastes in music and gear. We don’t shill. We don’t lie, especially to each other. And each Antipodes component reviewed has received an Audiophilia Star Component Award. That has not happened to one company in the seventeen year history of Audiophilia."

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October New Premises

In the week beginning 20 October we are moving to new premises to support expansion. We will be very busy during this time and may not have full internet access on 21 and 22 October. We apologise for the inconvenience to customers wanting to contact us during this time.

3 September 2014
Antipodes Audio has updated the range of ways you can setup and playback from your Antipodes music server.

Downloadable Setup Guide
- this is the guide shipped with new servers.
Online Setup & Troubleshooting Guide
- for more comprehensive setup and troubleshooting assistance.
Fasttrack Me!
- a guide for the experienced user - bookmark it for future use.

Fasttrack Me Now!

7 June 2014
New music server line-up.
Antipodes DX
Antipodes DXe
Antipodes DS

26 February 2014

6moons gives the DS Reference a Blue Moon Award

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About Us & Our Philosophy

Antipodes Audio Limited is located in Auckland, New Zealand; was founded by Mark Jenkins; and has been manufacturing and marketing unique audio cables since 2004, and music servers since 2009.

Our designs are based on how the human ear-brain-emotion system works. The joy of music is all about how the limbic brain perceives patterns and connects them to emotions. So what is important in reproducing a musical event is not some general notion of accuracy per se, but accuracy where the ear-brain-emotion process needs it.

Antipodes Audio is primarily a research company that funds its ongoing work by commercialising its discoveries. For this reason we don't have products in every category of audio, just in the ones where we believe we have unique insights that enable us to produce better products.

We began with audio cables in 2004. Nearly all audiophile cables are based on the application of electrical theory that is not just too simplistic but also inappropriate for the application - and this applies to both analog and digital cables. Antipodes Audio has developed signal transmission theories that are targeted to each task, leading to unique cable geometry that preserves phase accuracy - something other cables fail to do, mainly because their designs create inappropriate impedance interfaces. In blind listening tests we have confirmed the importance of this to enable people to engage at an emotional level fully with the music. In perfecting our cables we have also developed unique wire-making technology and we use only pure cotton insulation.

In 2009 we began full-time research into new ideas that we had developed on why digital sources fell short of analog sources in engaging the listener in the emotion of the music. As with cables, we found that the prevailing digital audio theory was far from being supported by reality, only more so. We found that media conversion, buffering, resampling, reclocking etc, were nowhere near being 100% effective at eliminating up-stream jitter and noise interference with the digital signal - they just translate the problem into a different one. This drove us to focus on music server development because both CD players and streamers are heavily dependent on 'fixing' a 'molested' digital during the playback process. By contrast, music servers can be designed to preserve timing, and minimise noise interference with the digital signal, throughout the playback process - by fine attention to all parts and all processes involved, and management of the residual noise at a global level. We have regularly conducted public blind listening tests to prove that reclocking fails to fix up-stream distortion, because it is so opposed to the accepted digital audio theory.

If you find yourself focusing on bass slam, treble smoothness, mid-range warmth; or having to sit in the 'hot seat' to enjoy music; or finding the recording quality of many disks unacceptable; then you have drifted down the wrong track. If you find your brain sings along with the music played on your system, then you are on the right track. In all of our blind listening tests we only ask the participants one thing 'are you enjoying the music more, or less'.

Antipodes Audio products allow reproduced music to sound more real. This approach doesn't deliver the hyper-reality sometimes favoured by audiophiles, and which is usually a product of unnatural emphasis due to smearing and ringing, but it delivers the full emotional intensity of the music.

Our products are not designed to blow your socks off. They are designed to let the music do that.