We design and manufacture the finest computer audio components for music lovers wanting to experience all of the emotion of the original musical performance at home.

Latest News

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4 April 2017 - New High Res Formats Enabled

Upgrade your Antipodes software online to enable DSD256, DSD512 and PCM 32/768.

4 April 2017 - Roon v1.3 Report

All v1.3 features have now been tested on our current products.

23 March 2017 - Product Announcement - DS CORE

The DS CORE is the perfect partner for the DS EDGE for Roon users.

28 March 2017 - Article - Upgrade Path

The DS EDGE and DS CORE offers a simple and easy starting point and upgrade path without your Antipodes product needing to leave your system.


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The source is always critical

Antipodes proprietary hardware and firmware delivers a high-bandwidth, low-noise digital signal that will dramatically improve the sound quality performance of any DAC. All models are fanless, all aluminium alloy anodised chassis, in silver or black, and the DS GT is also available in two-tone.

Integrated Ripper-Server-Renderer   DS BASE •  DS EDGE •  DS GT •  DX
Separate Ripper-Server  DS CORE
Separate Renderer  DS EDGE R

the difference between Integrateds, Servers and Renderers explained...


Open system design

Setup and maintenance is done by selecting options at a simple GUI, and the Antipodes open-system platform enables us to deploy and integrate best of breed applications now, and in the future, as new applications emerge.

The applications suite includes Roon, Squeezebox, MPD, HQPlayer NAA, Plex, Minimserver, BubbleUPnP, SONOS Integration and more.

read more about the applications...


Assistance when and where you need it

Personal web-based support is all part of the service, including remote hardware diagnosis and troubleshooting of your setup. This means we can assist you and perform most upgrades without your Antipodes even leaving your system.

Our online support is backed by certified service centres in United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong & New Zealand.

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Model Comparison

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Model Image DS Base DS Edge Integrated DS GT DX DS Core DS Edge Renderer
Sound Quality Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 Level 3 Level 2 Level 2
Auto-Ripper App
Ripper Hardware1
Runs Server Apps2
Runs Renderer Apps3
USB Output4
- PCM to 32bit/768kHz
- DoP to DSD512
- DSD to Native DSD512
S/PDIF Output
- PCM to 24bit/192kHz
AES3 Output
- PCM to 24bit/192kHz
System On Solid State
Supports External Storage
HDD Internal Storage
SSD Internal Storage
Pre-installed Storage5
User-Installed Storage6
Quad Core Celeron CPU7
Quad Core i5 CPU8
Internal Dedicated Linear Power Supplies
External Linear PSU
External Semi-Switched PSU9
1.  Some models have auto-ripping capability but no ripper hardware, and in that case users attach their CD/DVD drive via USB for an auto-ripping session.
2.  Server Apps send files to Renderer Apps, internally (best sound quality) or over a network - the Server Apps include Roon Server, SqueezeBox Server, Plex, SONOS Integration and DLNA Server apps.
3.  Renderer Apps send digital audio signals to DACs, over USB (best sound quality), S/PDIF or AES3 - the Renderer Apps include Roon Ready, Squeezelite, HQPlayer NAA and MPD (DLNA Rendering).
4.  We comply fully with USB Audio 2.0, the only accepted asynchronous USB audio standard. Not all USB DACs are fully compliant and the quality of DSD implementations in DACs varies.
5.  These models need to go to an Antipodes Certified Service Centre for storage upgrades.
6.  You simply slide your disks in (no tools needed) and we complete the storage setup or upgrade in a remote service session at your convenience, without the Antipodes leaving your system.
7.  Complex i3/i5/i7 CPUs sound poor as Renderers. The Quad Core Celeron sounds as good as the best low power CPUs, yet can run Roon Server v1.3 well for all of its feature set except transcoding to DSD128 on-the-fly.
8.  Separate DS CORE Servers (using the i5 CPU) provide fast response on all Roon Server features, particularly for running large libraries, and they separate intensive DSP calculations from the Rendering device.
9.  The Semi-Switched Power Supply uses switching elements for AC to DC conversion and linear DC regulation.