Timing Is Everything

Antipodes Audio products are designed simply to serve the music. The result is more real and emotionally engaging music.

Making an audio product that has a flat frequency response, inaudible noise, and wide dynamic range is relatively easy. But what listeners often perceive as shortcomings in these areas, particularly frequency response, is in fact due to timing errors in the signal. Even very small time-domain errors interfere with the complex ear/brain process that has to make sense of the received sound-wave before we can engage with the musical event.

Antipodes Audio Cables are uniquely designed, using our unique proprietary wire, geometries and insulation, for phase-accurate signal transmission, without time-smearing.

Antipodes Music Servers are designed to minimise noise interference with the digital signal, enabling the Receiver and DAC chips in your DAC to perform with accurate timing.

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Dave Clark of Positive Feedback Reviews the Antipodes DX
"I loved the sound. I mean LOVED. The Antipodes presents music with such scale and density that it is scary good. Space, presence, texture… extension, detail, resolution… absence of any, ANY, glare, grit, brightness, hardness…"
JULY 2015

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Digital Audio Review Gives The DX Its DAR-KO Award
This review provides an excellent description of the Antipodes music server signature sound:
"it sounds organic, natural, big, bold and - best of all - more detailed in a way that's not artificially led by keener transients."
MAY 2015

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“Between the three of us, we got hold of every server and streamer that are considered the elite. There was always something more relaxed and musically engaging when the Antipodes DX was involved. Just something different that made it always come out on top. Mike, the vinyl junkie, was more adamant calling it 'vastly superior'. The most surprising finding is that it was not just with the USB DACs. Using the DX as a DLNA server with the Lumin, Linn and Naim always improved the sound, removing grit and grain and adding better flow to the music.”

Peter Thompson

“As a guitar player, I listen to a lot of guitarists to learn from or just admire what they do. Nothing has had such a big impact on this as the Antipodes Reference interconnects I got a couple of months ago. They took a while to sing, but the purity of the upper note ring, sparkle and shimmer on guitar is mesmerizingly truthful. It has changed the whole experience of reproduced music for me because it lets me hear the real sound of real instruments. I hadn't realised it was my cables that had been getting in the way - they are just cables, right?”

Mark Wilson

“I got the DX because I was told it was the best, but it was mainly so that I could just have good quality music playing without rushing back to the turntable or CD player all the time. After two months I decided to store the turntable - and it cost 4 times the DX. It is not so much that the DX is better, it is more that I really don't find the need to play vinyl any more given how good the DX is. After 8 months now, I am so convinced of its musicality with any style of music that I have nearly sold all my vinyl and then it will be the turntable. I didn't know I needed this till I got it...”

Albert Turnbull